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Universal Credit and Early Help at SPF meeting

It was lovely to meet you on Fri 19th June. Alison McGregory, lead on Universal Credit explained how benefits come together under Universal Credit. We discussed criteria for Universal Credit, Benefit Cap. The main aim of Universal Credit is to encourage people to start earning. Support to success has identified six key areas ( to support people in being successful. Have you seen the video

Andy Giles, SMBC then shared how Early Help SPF Jun 2015is everyone’s business. Several consultations have taken place over the year Here comes our part by sharing our views. If we had an issue in our family – financial or realtionship or concerning our children, where will we turn for information and support? More questions can be found here¬†Early Help Questions for Parents Some people go to family/friends, some search on-line, while its harder for lot of us to accept there is a concern. Speaking to someone, could be a step forward towards reducing stress in our lives. What information would you need and where would you like to find it? Share your views and be part of shaping Early Help in Solihull…



Welcome 2015

Happy New Year everyone! As we look back to 2014, we had some great experiences. Working with Early Help Board, pledging as Early Intervention Champion with Early Intervention Foundation, learning about services like Families First, participating in School Nurse consultation to name a few. But we are even more excited for what 2015 has in store for us. This year we aim to meet more parent groups in the borough, understanding people and spreading awareness and raising confidence for happy lives, to build up ‘Strong and Resilient’ community.

We need more parents/ carers from the borough, to take the work of spreading confidence in community further. This year we will try to reach people, those who are not on social media. Please get in touch with us, we will share what we do. Ask your questions and learn in the process. Then pass that learning, to your friend circle. This may eventually start reaching to people not on internet.

We look forward to working with more people this year. Have a great 2015!

EIF First Anniversary

We were in London on 25th June 2014, to be part of First Anniversary of Early Intervention Foundation. It was a great opportunity to hear Graham Allen, who stepped down from the post of EIF President. Early Intervention Foundation was set up to enable best life chances to all. The key word is Partnership. We can make a huge difference in the life of people by working together. Good life for all is a priority for all.

It was also very inspiring to meet with other people sharing same passion for serving the community. We met Spurgeons, people from Department of Education research wing and Teens and Toddlers. Looking forward to working with them.


Solihull Partnership Annual Assembly

We were part of the Solihull Partnership Annual Assembly on Thu 4th June along with several councillors, private and voluntary organisations. Early Help Strategy was launched. It was a pleasure to hear Sally Bourner, Solihull Borough Police Commander speaking wih the confidence of her achievements taking all the people with her. Melanie Lockey, head of Partnership Commissioning spoke of strong and resilient communities and we share the same vision. Carey Oppenheim, CEO Early Intervention Foundation shared how Early Intervention is way forward. Supporting families early, before they get into problem can give each life best in life.

See the video and experience Solihull Partnership Assembly.