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Health Exchange – Solihull

Health Exchange is going to be with us at our next meeting on Thursday 16th June 2016 at 10.00am. We met Phyllis Bailey from Health Exchange at the Early Help Roadshow in February 2016. Health ExchHealth Exchange 2016ange has been supporting communities to achieve better health and well being since 2013 in Solihull.

We asked her, ‘ Who can access the service?’ It is a free service for everyone 16 or over and having a Solihull-registered GP or live in Solihull area. During our first meeting, we discuss with our Health Trainer, the kind of lifestyle changes we wish to make. They provide ongoing support and resources to make long term lifestyle choices stick.

You are welcome to share your questions with Phyllis on Thursday 16th June at The Encore and know more how this service may benefit you and your friends. At the same time, this meeting is about parents and discussing what matters in our daily life. Services may help us know how they support us.

We welcome all questions. Contact us through email, facebook, twitter. We will get back to you. Find out more about Health Exchange at,

Solihull CCG 1st Annual General Meeting

It was a great experience to be at the Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group Annual General Meet on 2nd July 2014. The Governing Body shared with everyone, CCG’s achievements over the year and challanges that they face. Public Health of Solihull has improved. Premature deaths and smoking levels have reduced. 6C’s campaign (care, courage, compassion, commitment, communication, competence) is on, putting patients first.

There are lifestyle inequalities in Solihull. New providers, Health Exchange, are now supporting the community. Partnership among services will help improve lives. The aim is to promote culture of openness in Solihull, where everyone feels confident that they know they can get help. CCG urged people to share their views and get involved.