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Inspired by discussions on making Early Help everyone’s business, at Early help Board last month, we have been speaking to people in general. We spoke to parents on school playground, local voluntary groups, local hair dressers… We are glad we did that, as we introduced the idea of Early Help to them. It raised curiosity to know more, what does Early Help mean? Early Help is supporting families early before the life problems become big. Next, how early does Early Help mean, is it for early years? It is true by helping children in Early Years we support future of our community well. But Early Help for families is for all stages of families babies, young children, teenagers. We are discussing, basic information families should have to make them feel confident in difficult life situations.

As Solihull Parents’ Forum we have been part of Early Help work for almost 2 years and can confidently say, Early Help is important in everyone’s life.

  1. Effective Early Help improves the lives of children & young people – they know and can find solutions to problems affecting their lives like: how they can help their child when children are stuck, developing skills needed to get a job.
  2. Prevents difficulties being passed from one generation to the next – when we can find solutions to our problems, we have a more positive outlook towards life and it touches lives of our children.
  3. Can help make long term savings in public spending – Early Intervention report Spending in Late Intervention (http://www.eif.org.uk/publications/spending-on-late-intervention-how-we-can-do-better-for-less/ ) says, ‘Picking up the pieces from damaging social problems affecting young people such as mental health problems, going into care, unemployment and youth crime costs the Government almost¬†¬£17 billion a year, new research shows.’

We can know more about Early Help at, http://socialsolihull.org.uk/earlyhelp/ If you have suggestions or questions to know more about it, be part of discussion forum on the page. There are Early Help Engagement events being organised in March, which can be booked on the Early Help page. More people, effective discussions.

Early Help helps improves lives for generations. Be part of Early Help!




2 thoughts on “Early Help discussions

  1. Helen Carpenter

    Hi, I’m setting up a speaking and listening group for year 7 pupil premium students, and students who didn’t reach a level 4 in literacy at KS2. I’d really like to use the discussion logo (5 people holding hands, above) and make it into a pin badge for the students who are taking part. It will be used in school, and potentially for promotional material to parents and staff; however it will all be in an educational situation and definitely not for profit. Would you have any objection to me using it, please? Yours faithfully, Helen

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Helen,
      logo is free resource. We apologise for the delay in response but you are free to use it. Really proud of your initiative to set up group for Year 7 pupil premium students. We wish you all the best.

      Best regards,



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