Early Help Launch Event, 05th Feb 2015

EH StrategyHere’s an event brief from how we saw it 🙂

We had the opportunity to listen to Tina McGrath, Interim Director for Early Help at Solihull Council, while she set out how Early Help operating model would look like. There were about 90 attendees (yes, it was great to see a well attended event) from voluntary organisations, Solihull Council and councillors. The model will work around 5 geographical collaboratives of schools Unity, Mosaic, Evolve, Synergy and Rural (In Solihull currently, all schools are broadly classified in same 5 collaboratives. These collaboratives include infant, primary and secondary schools of that area) After a brief explanation we moved around the room to put forward our areas of interest for getting involved in Early Help. These areas of work include developing systems, resources, training, governance and reviewing. Best part was speaking to people across the borough and share passion for our Solihull.

Early Help is providing support to families early, through use of information available and ability to identify indicators which may possibly lead to problems for families. We are looking towards building resilient and confident communities. It was great to share with Tina, the passion to make efforts to make our Solihull strong, being there for each other. It was energizing and motivating to see so many people and professionals wanting to do more for Solihull children, young people and families.

Early Help works at targeted support, universal support through schools and health and building community support. It is everyone’s business. So, speak to people mentioned here http://socialsolihull.org.uk/earlyhelp/contacts/ to know more and get involved. We can keep track of updated information on Early Help at http://socialsolihull.org.uk/earlyhelp/




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