Finding Jobs

JobsWith lot of parents looking for jobs, we had a great opportunity meeting team from Solihull for Success. The two main sites to look for jobs are Solihull for Success and (filter to Solihull and Birmingham) wmjobs

There are 4 work clubs too. 2 in the South at Hobs Moat and Shirley Libraries and 2 in the North at our Excellence in the Community Outreach Centres at Smith’s Wood Sports College and Coleshill Heath Primary School.  We can get employment support, advice and guidance here.

But as we are looking for jobs , it helps to do some voluntary work to add to our skill and confidence. Visit do-it While we look for jobs we can make better use of time by doing some voluntary work that interests us.

If you ever have any questions no matter how small or silly, please write to us and we can find answers to them together.

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