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Volunteer in Solihull

It was a great opportunity for us to be at Shirley Volunteering Fair celebrating the Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June. It was supported by SUSTAIN. It felt good to meet actual people behind the names we often hear and read about. It was a pleasure to discuss what volunteers can do and add smiles in people’s lives. Thank you Barnardo’s, ReCOM, Family Care Trust, SoLO, Health Exchange, Samaritans, Marie Curie and several other organisations present. We found if there is a desire to support the community there are volunteering jobs from child care, clinic, listening to people, health, IT, adding value to all lives including disabilities, elderly.

In addition volunteering also develops confidence amongst us and keeps us fit as we meet different people. We treasure these organisations in Solihull and  would be happy to share awareness among people about them at all times.