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Young Solihull

Young people are our future and we attended Young Solihull AGM to get to know more. It was fascinating to meet the group. Theo Thompson from the team shared work by various youth groups and the vision of community TV which would Young Solihull AGMdisplay what youth groups in the community do and motivate others to join. He emphasised use of social media to compliment other ways of publicity in community work as most people are on their mobiles these days.

MAD House team was represented by Nicola Brady. They are doinYoung Solihull AGM2g a phenomenal work in community development by providing provision for 11-18 years in the field of Music, Art and Dance.

We then met Wesley Thomas from Aspired Limited. They build up IMG_0788practical skills for young people interested in music, DJ services. They provide accreditions in the field and help young people find jobs. Finding jobs has been a challenge.

We also had an update from Early Help team. They can be contacted at 0121 709 7000. Direct Work team provides focussed support to young people with child sexual workers and youth offending team with them. Community Development wing provides support to already exisiting community groups those serve children, young people and families.  Community Capacity team works to build up skills in the community.

The evening had a perfect ending by a video made by young people. They shared what young people in Solihull like and not like about Solihull. They were confident and we can move ahead by listening to and working with them.